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The Importance of Accurate Assessment in Using EDM vs Milling

Manufacturing has been an essential component to human survival since the dawn of mankind.This is due in part to the fact that humanity has had to craft simple tools in order to develop safe housing structures, hunting implements and other devices in order to grow and thrive. The very same holds true, even today. Thankfully, modern advancement has made essential part production a lot faster and easier than it has been in the past.

With industrial evolution comes a myriad of services and options that can be used to get the  job done, both smoothly and professionally. In regards to machining, talented engineers strive to use the best equipment possible in order to procure stellar results. For this very reason, EDM machining has fast become the gold star standard when it comes to crafting quality components and parts.

Even so, many companies still utilize time honored procedures like die mold machining, milling and cutting to create manufactured parts. These technique allow for smooth finishes, intricate designs and faster, more reliable results than ever believed possible.

While these processes are not a bad, EDM machining is often thought to be far superior when it comes to end product accuracy. Why? EDM machining specializes in product minutia, and is best used when one needs to create sharp internal corners, complex sculpting of intricate work pieces, shored or hard to craft angles and extreme, shallow depth cutting. EDM processed can be automated as well allowing for a faster, yet reliable production run.

Because essential industries like medicine, defense, and aerospace technology heavily rely on tools that have to perform consistently, the importance of accuracy cannot be over stressed. Just imagine a doctor using a life saving tool that malfunctions. A rocket or airplane taking off with faulty bolts or mechanics. Military weaponry or gear that doesn’t work as required. These scenarios are all too real if one considers using manufactured components that are sub par.

EDM machining accuracy is second none in the industry, which is precisely why manufacturing engineers opt to use this particular methodology time and again. This is not to say other types of milling or cutting do not have their place. Indeed, some types of parts may be better served with a die mold or old fashioned cutting process. That said, EDM machining is an industry standard for a reason and should be the go to option for any company seeking to ensure their all important manufactured products work whenever they are put into use.

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