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3D Printing for Digital Prototyping and Modeling

Simply owning a 3D printing machine doesn't
mean one is qualified to create working prototypes.
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Engineers desire to present their ideas to companies that may take an interest in their products. To do so, many turn to digital printing to produce working, stable prototypes.  Problems arise however, when trying to find a company that has the capabilities to produce the superior results designers and engineers require.

Models Versus Simple Files

Schematics, drawings, sketches and various 2D representations are fine when at the beginning stage of product development, but serious engineers will want to have a more tangible concept to hand inventors when the time comes. Why leave an idea to the imagination of people who may not fully get the concept, especially if we are talking about a new form of technology that may be hard to explain.

While it isn't wholly necessary to have a a working model of your design, if at all possible, making the item as functional as one can may assist interested parties in ascertaining the market potential of a given gadget, product or device.

3D printing comes to the rescue, giving engineers, designers and related craftsman the ability to actualize their projects in a fast efficient manner.

How It's Done

The amazing thing about digital prototype creation is not only the speed of creation, but how exacting and precise it can be. The process begins with an engineer's or designer's image files, which are then re-evaluated and manipulated, usually via a CAD or Computer Aided Design process. This phase of the process can be culled from a variety of files, one need ask the company what they can utilize for optimum results.

The next step is to a launch said design in a 3D Modeling platform/software. In cases where a product already exists in a rudimentary form, a 3D scanner could be used. As the length of time spent on the project can vary depending on size and scale, the build can take a few hours or even a few days (to build up parts from design specs). Expert engineers in the field of 3D modeling and printing know this and can give adequate estimates of the time frames required for a precision model comp.

Who to Trust

Many pop up shops are trying to cash in on the relatively new phenomenon of consumer grade mass produced 3d printing products, but don't be fooled. Simply owning a 3D printing machine doesn't mean one is qualified to create working prototypes. If you want to ensure that your concept is actualized to even the minutest of details, you will want confider a shop that specializes in CNC milling and EDM machining.


CNC/EDM machinists have the know-how and expertise to bring products to roaring life. They are largely used to crafting items to exacting measurements and specifications so the concept will come as close to the end product design as reasonably possible. The best shops also employ the use of quality controls in their post production phase so that the model meets satisfactory standards/conditions.

Tight Deadlines are Arbiser's Specialty

One of the many things customers love about Arbiser Machine is the fact that we produce excellent result quickly. Indeed, one never has to sacrifice quality for speed, as we can turnaround even the tightest deadlines.

Business moves at the speed of light, so manufacturers have to be able to keep up with both supply and demand in order to keep industrial cogs turning. We at Arbiser understand this fundamental principle, which is why we strive to produce client’s models and prototypes to spec in a fair time frame. Decades of experience and expert machinists are the primary reason why we function so efficiently, as these factors often play a large part in making sure deadlines are met and product quality remains assured.

Digital Printing is a wonderful tool for engineers and designers, so investigate all the amazing possibilities therein. When you are ready to take your design from drawing to mechanized reality, contact Arbiser Machine for superior results and fast, reliable service.