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5 Reasons to be Cautious of Rapid Prototyping

Like any relatively new technology, rapid prototyping has many plus and minuses. In this article, we will be exploring some of the disadvantages of the RPM.

First, things first, just what is Rapid Prototyping? Rapid Prototyping is a form of additive based layer printing that utilizes CAD (Computer Assisted Design) to create scale models and prototypes. These prototypes can be used to round up investors for a new product, or for display purposes at shows, festivals, fairs and related events. It can also be used to test the functionality of a product for market viability.

Because of it's numerous uses, many people have gravitated towards rapid prototyping manufacturing, but the technology may not be beneficial to everyone.

This list is not in any order of importance and includes and is not limited to:

Post Manufacturing Design Flaws – Although a prototype created via 3D printing and CAD can be fairly stable, the additives used may not be suitable for every industry. For example, the medical and health related industries may find that the end product is not long term sustainable, which can cause problems when trying to demonstrate new techniques or products in the field. This is also largely be due to the fact that the tool surface finish is often rough, whereas many medical instruments have to be clean, clear and smooth. This is not to say that Rapid Prototyping may not be useful or other types of modeling, only that there may be a large variety of industries that may find this type of prototypical solution nonviable.

Not all that Rapid – although it has rapid in the name, truth be told, the 3D Additive Layering process can be rather time consumptive and lengthy. Indeed, building a single component could literally take several hours or days. This can be particularly problematic if one needs the item in question quickly. Developers and engineers beholden to a schedule may also find the slower process of little advantage to them. That said, a 3D printing option may be viable if there are no mechanical or moving parts involved.

The more mechanisms and parts that have to be designed, the longer the whole thing can take. This of course, leads us to another trouble area – Money – Depending on the nature of the project, 3D Printing can be cost effective or really hit the pocket book hard. As stated previously, people in the health or even aeronautic industries may not find additive prototype printing of benefit. A number of factors can create issues with cash flow as this industry often deals with complex machinery with moving parts. This will mean that models and prototypes are going to have to be mechanical in some way. Building a mechanical product with Rapid Prototyping will take a lot of time and can be budget draining.

Customization can be had, but may be limited – 3D printing and additive based rapid prototyping can reach fairly consistent measurements, but may only go so far in its intricacy. This limitation could create issues when it comes to the nuts and bolts aspect of a project. Engineers and designer who may desire to have their model be as true to life as possible for showcasing purpose may have to consider another option, such as EDM or CNC machining, to get the precision sculpting they need for a fine tuned, fully functioning prototype.

Making Changes – A plus and minus – it has been said that 3D Printing allows the client to make changes quickly, enabling them to tweak the end product to their liking. While this is true to an extent, there are code issues that can crop up that make this process a wee bit daunting. That said, these issues can be worked around should a client truly desire to utilize additive printing for their modeling projects.

If you are a designer or engineer looking to bring your content art to life, check out all the advantages and disadvantage of Rapid Prototyping before investing time and money. A qualified machining shop with ISO 9001:2008 certification would be your best bet, so shop around and investigate before you buy. It could be well worth the time and effort in the end.

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CNC Machining is the Most Accurate Process for Prototyping

With advent of 3D Printing and Computer based design systems, some creators may over look a tried and true type of machining that provides precision models with high class 3D features. While many forms of model building can produce moving parts, CNC machining enables a designer or engineer to craft one of a kind models to spec. This further enable the prototype builders to come as close to the end product as is currently possible.

Rapid CNC Milling and Turning

CNC milling has been apart of the manufacturing industry for decades. Machinist engineers often turn to the process when they desire to produce parts and components that require the utmost precision and intricacy of design. CNC, e.g., computer numerical control equipment uses routers and grinders to achieve a finished product and although the process is largely computerized, it has to be overseen and guided by a skilled machinist who knows how to achieve optimum results.

These precision engineers utilize computer aided designs or CADs to implement codes based on mathematical formalizations to create even the most complicated parts. The base is generally an industrial grade material such as metal or plastic, which is shaped to form the complex parts needed for a final build. Depending on how large or small the project is, the procedure can take days to weeks to complete.

From Concept to End Product-Development

A reputable CNC machinist and/or machining shop will start with their clients base art or drawings prior to taking the next step of factoring out size and scale. Once that is determined, the CNC engineer can set up the equipment and begin to craft to object's moving parts. Prior to this however, is the all important choice in material. The chosen substance has to be able to withstand intense machining. From wood, to plastic and a plethora of metals, there are numerous industrial grade products to choose from in order to get started. After the proper material's are obtained, the CNC machinist begins to craft each individual piece. This is where the machinist 's skill and artistry come into play.

Fully Working Models

At the production end of things, the CNC machine does a good bit of the work, shaping the product to exacting specs so that it comes as close to the end product as possible. Because a CNC machine can quickly and efficiently create a fully functioning prototype that can be presented at trade shows and to potential investors, it can easily evolve around the customer's scheduling needs. This makes CNC machining one of the best options for amazing results that are affordable and long lasting. Be sure to comparison shop when on the market for quality CNC prototype creation. The best machining shops are ISO 9001:2008 certified, so be sure to inquire about this aspect prior to doing business with any parts or prototype manufacturing company.

Reference:  DMG MORI Hosts Nationwide Open House, Grand Opening Events

Why Healthcare Systems Should Stay Away From Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing 
600 words OVERVIEW

Speed and efficiency can go hand and hand, but at times, depending on the processes or protocols used, it can mean a loss of production quality. This can be especially true when creating mechanized tools and parts. Dealing with the wrong machining processes can produce instruments that may not be up to par. This is problematic in the health care industry where human lives can literally hang in the balance. For this very reason, healthcare engineers may want to steer well clear of Rapid Prototype manufacturing to meet equipment crafting needs.

What is Rapid Prototype Manufacturing?

Rapid Prototype Manufacturing is a process used to build to scale visual or working models via CAD (computer assisted design). The end product is often created utilizing additive layering technology to bring to life a prototype that will be true to the designer's ideals. The process has been used in a number of industries with even sculptors and animators creating characters and works of art that can literally exist into a 3D, real world space.

The medical profession uses scale prototyping as well to produce life enhancing or even life saving equipment and components. These tools are generally designed to be primarily used in the health related fields. It all begins with the formulation of geometric data that is comprehensively evaluated so that all the necessary parts can be  aligned for precision building and eventual display.

The  Disadvantage in The Heathcare Fields

The term Rapid Prototype Manufacturing is a bit of a misnomer in that it can take several hours or days to create a working model. Adding to this inconvenience is the fact that it can be hard on budgets, as the equipment to craft these models  can be rather expensive. The resin and additives used for prototype crafting is not up the health system standards, as these materials can be rough  or hard to smooth. Medical equipment and tool surface finishes have to be precise .

End product durability is also called into question, as additive based substances generally cant weather a lot of wear and tear. To date, this relatively new technology is not compatible with the extremely comprehensive reliability needs of the medical establishment. Although many in the machining field feel the technology will eventually evolve to a more stable platform, and has a lot a of promise, it just isn't there yet.

Alternatives to Rapid Prototype Manufacturing

EDM (electrical discharge machining) and CNC (computerized numerical control) milling and turning are time tested, viable options with stellar reputations in the machining fields. Expert machinists often use these processes to craft high quality parts, components and prototypes that easily fit contemporary medical needs. Both of these techniques utilize state of the art equipment that can craft parts easily without sacrificing end product quality. Custom finishes are often flawless and up to International as well as AMA standards.

Because many shops that utilize CNC and EDM machining techniques must be ISO 9001:2008 certified, purchasing agents and clients are all but guaranteed  superior merchandise at a fraction of costs.

Do Your Homework

Be sure to shop around for the best deals and try to locate the shops with great reputations in the manufacturing industry. Start by  checking to see if the manufacturer is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Once you verify that they are, schedule an appointment to take a tour around the facility if allowable, and speak to any qualified machinist on hand. A reliable company won't mind assisting clients in their search, which, in the end, could lead to a nicely made prototype that is sure to get the designers the result they want, without ever having to sacrifice excellence.

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Why EDM is Dependable And Produces Quality Parts Time After Time

Modern technological advancements in the field of manufacturing has prompted the cultivation of cost effective fine tuning of contemporary machining processes, like wire EDM cutting and machining. EDM, which stands for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), utilizes a controlled series of electrical discharges to shape and mold comprehensive components and parts. The brilliance of this process is that it can fine tune even the tiniest mechanism to exacting measurement.

There is mathematical skill and precision to the work that enables machinists in the field to create products that always work as intended. This is especially important in medical, aeronautic or military defense industries, where precision matters. Those who have trained to work in the manufacturing trades understand the quality control mechanisms that EDM machining inherently provides. This understanding culminates in the kind of engineering that can be only described as meticulous.

Just how can EDM machining provide the exacting standards needed to ensure high caliber goods?

Simply put, qualified EDM machinists are trained in utilizing EDM cutting and milling techniques that provide unsurpassed attention to detail. This is largely due to how EDM machines streamline complex procedures. It begins with the basic plans, which are examined to ensure that the designers vision is met. When the final aspects are agreed upon, production begins, and this is when the magic starts. Utilizing a top  bottom axis, a machinist uses the EDM appliance to cut away at even the toughest steels or craft the smallest work piece. The wire in this process is not actually doing all the work here, what is actually happening during the procedure is the removal of small bits of material via electrical sparking. This allows the wire to move through the metal for crafting and shaping. Because these machines use mathematical computations to create real world dimensions, the results are exact to a tee. There are very few manufacturing processes that can match the stringent detailing of wire and EDM machining.

Wire EDM cutting and machining can be applied to virtually any type of industry grade materials as well. The process is also cost effective, allowing companies to order large units at premium bulk rate prices. Even so, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” applies. Not all companies hold to high quality production standards, and a too good to be true cut rate may be just that. If you want quality dependable parts, be sure to vet out the company to ensure you receive superior product no matter how large or small the scope of your project. And above all, start by looking into EDM machining and all it has to offer.

Reference link: Manufacturing Engineering Magazine. AdvancedManufacturing.org; NOVEMBER 2015; page 69-77

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The Importance of Accurate Assessment in Using EDM vs Milling

Manufacturing has been an essential component to human survival since the dawn of mankind.This is due in part to the fact that humanity has had to craft simple tools in order to develop safe housing structures, hunting implements and other devices in order to grow and thrive. The very same holds true, even today. Thankfully, modern advancement has made essential part production a lot faster and easier than it has been in the past.

With industrial evolution comes a myriad of services and options that can be used to get the  job done, both smoothly and professionally. In regards to machining, talented engineers strive to use the best equipment possible in order to procure stellar results. For this very reason, EDM machining has fast become the gold star standard when it comes to crafting quality components and parts.

Even so, many companies still utilize time honored procedures like die mold machining, milling and cutting to create manufactured parts. These technique allow for smooth finishes, intricate designs and faster, more reliable results than ever believed possible.

While these processes are not a bad, EDM machining is often thought to be far superior when it comes to end product accuracy. Why? EDM machining specializes in product minutia, and is best used when one needs to create sharp internal corners, complex sculpting of intricate work pieces, shored or hard to craft angles and extreme, shallow depth cutting. EDM processed can be automated as well allowing for a faster, yet reliable production run.

Because essential industries like medicine, defense, and aerospace technology heavily rely on tools that have to perform consistently, the importance of accuracy cannot be over stressed. Just imagine a doctor using a life saving tool that malfunctions. A rocket or airplane taking off with faulty bolts or mechanics. Military weaponry or gear that doesn’t work as required. These scenarios are all too real if one considers using manufactured components that are sub par.

EDM machining accuracy is second none in the industry, which is precisely why manufacturing engineers opt to use this particular methodology time and again. This is not to say other types of milling or cutting do not have their place. Indeed, some types of parts may be better served with a die mold or old fashioned cutting process. That said, EDM machining is an industry standard for a reason and should be the go to option for any company seeking to ensure their all important manufactured products work whenever they are put into use.

Reference link:  Modern Machine Shop, MMSonline.com

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Prototyping Operations: Spinal Surgery Tools and Implants for Aging Baby Boomer Needs

In the ever evolving world of medical technology, tools and products have remained key in providing patients with quality care and speedy recoveries. To that end, the medical manufacturing industry has worked closely with machinists and engineers to create instruments that enable doctors to uphold the Hippocratic oath of, “First, do no harm”. In the realm of spinal surgery however, this has been a treacherous road to travel. Inherently dangerous, patients as well as doctors risk permanent scars or paralysis with old methods of solving back and vertebral column related ailments .

That is why the cultivation of a tool called NuVasive is so extraordinary. The engineering marvel, created by Jeffrey Castleberry, enables physicians to reduce patient down time with a minimally invasive tool that often allows patients to walk around one day after complicated back surgery. How is this done? Jeffrey Castleberry explains, “In the old days, to make repairs to your backbone, surgeons had to slice you open, peel back the muscle to expose the spine...NuVasive’s tools are designed to allow maximum surgical access while minimizing the soft tissue disruption that often occurs during open spinal surgery.”

So, what is NuVasive? NuVasive is a medical product line that has transformed the spinal surgery industry by crafting tools and equipment that limit trauma to the back and spine during painstaking operations. The complex machinery and parts were carefully designed by Castleberry, who is a self professed machinist by trade. As a qualified and certified machinist, Castleberry more than likely utilizes CNC and EDM style equipment for milling and cutting of his precisions tools. This would explain his unparallelled success in the spinal surgery arena, as this type of equipment can often assist in crafting quality components that will work as needed every time they are utilized,

CNC and EDM machining has been on the forefront of medical technology since manufacturing’s inception, coexisting side by side in a combined effort to provide human beings with quality, dignified care. If Jeffrey Castleberry trusts the machining process to create ground breaking medical instruments, any company looking for expert craftsmanship for their prototypes and designs would need look no further than a professional machining shop to meet their part manufacturing needs.

When seeking such assistance, always make sure the shop is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This is important in that is indicates the company has meet stringent international manufacturing standards and is more than capable of fulfilling your companies needs. Indeed, the field of technology is ever growing and will continue to grow—machining manufacturing will continue to grow along with it.

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3D Printing for Digital Prototyping and Modeling

Simply owning a 3D printing machine doesn't
mean one is qualified to create working prototypes.
Call Arbiser Machine at 770-939-1240 today for
your all prototyping 3D printing needs.
Engineers desire to present their ideas to companies that may take an interest in their products. To do so, many turn to digital printing to produce working, stable prototypes.  Problems arise however, when trying to find a company that has the capabilities to produce the superior results designers and engineers require.

Models Versus Simple Files

Schematics, drawings, sketches and various 2D representations are fine when at the beginning stage of product development, but serious engineers will want to have a more tangible concept to hand inventors when the time comes. Why leave an idea to the imagination of people who may not fully get the concept, especially if we are talking about a new form of technology that may be hard to explain.

While it isn't wholly necessary to have a a working model of your design, if at all possible, making the item as functional as one can may assist interested parties in ascertaining the market potential of a given gadget, product or device.

3D printing comes to the rescue, giving engineers, designers and related craftsman the ability to actualize their projects in a fast efficient manner.

How It's Done

The amazing thing about digital prototype creation is not only the speed of creation, but how exacting and precise it can be. The process begins with an engineer's or designer's image files, which are then re-evaluated and manipulated, usually via a CAD or Computer Aided Design process. This phase of the process can be culled from a variety of files, one need ask the company what they can utilize for optimum results.

The next step is to a launch said design in a 3D Modeling platform/software. In cases where a product already exists in a rudimentary form, a 3D scanner could be used. As the length of time spent on the project can vary depending on size and scale, the build can take a few hours or even a few days (to build up parts from design specs). Expert engineers in the field of 3D modeling and printing know this and can give adequate estimates of the time frames required for a precision model comp.

Who to Trust

Many pop up shops are trying to cash in on the relatively new phenomenon of consumer grade mass produced 3d printing products, but don't be fooled. Simply owning a 3D printing machine doesn't mean one is qualified to create working prototypes. If you want to ensure that your concept is actualized to even the minutest of details, you will want confider a shop that specializes in CNC milling and EDM machining.


CNC/EDM machinists have the know-how and expertise to bring products to roaring life. They are largely used to crafting items to exacting measurements and specifications so the concept will come as close to the end product design as reasonably possible. The best shops also employ the use of quality controls in their post production phase so that the model meets satisfactory standards/conditions.

Tight Deadlines are Arbiser's Specialty

One of the many things customers love about Arbiser Machine is the fact that we produce excellent result quickly. Indeed, one never has to sacrifice quality for speed, as we can turnaround even the tightest deadlines.

Business moves at the speed of light, so manufacturers have to be able to keep up with both supply and demand in order to keep industrial cogs turning. We at Arbiser understand this fundamental principle, which is why we strive to produce client’s models and prototypes to spec in a fair time frame. Decades of experience and expert machinists are the primary reason why we function so efficiently, as these factors often play a large part in making sure deadlines are met and product quality remains assured.

Digital Printing is a wonderful tool for engineers and designers, so investigate all the amazing possibilities therein. When you are ready to take your design from drawing to mechanized reality, contact Arbiser Machine for superior results and fast, reliable service.

Is ISO Certification Important? Yes, Don't Be Fooled By Imitators

There is a big difference between compliance
and certification/registration.
When a business decides to obtain ISO:9001:2008 certification, they have told clients that they care about the global community and the needs of the global marketplace.

For companies that utilize CNC and EDM milling to create and manufacture products for various industries, complying with International Standards is a terrific way to build confidence in your company’s brand.

View ISO9001 Certification (2008) | 5 AXIS- CMM | Climate Controlled Room

How so?

ISO registration is not easily acquired and is only obtained after rigorous guidelines have been established. Due to this, consumers as well as any company that wants to do business with an ISO 9001 certified corporation can rest assured that they will receive the best quality deliverables their money can buy.

International Standards are also mindful of the environment and expects companies carrying this particular type of certification to observe governmental regulations, especially in regards to green energy sustainability.

Because safety is paramount, particularly when it comes to the manufacture of consumer grade goods, any company that has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification can be said to care about the general well being of the population as well as their employees.

Of course, with increased customer satisfaction comes increased financial potential, another added benefit of certification.

Increased Efficiency Equals Faster Output

Employing the use of tried and tested International Standards ensures that products are not only manufactured quickly, but efficiently. The requirements of the certification establish work flows and environments that are conducive to organization. Organization often translates to increased workplace safety. Quality controls can also be implemented which, in the engineering and machinist fields, is an extremely important production requirement.

As stated previously, increasing safety and efficiency can greatly speed up production, which aids in finishing all important projects faster. Engineers rely on speedy turn around, so they are more apt to give their business to a company who can meet their deadlines in a timely fashion. This is why they often prefer dealing with institutions that have ISO 9001:2008 certification, as most machining shops that have this are most likely set up to meet their needs.

Obtaining the ISO 9001:2008 certification then becomes very important in securing long term business in the manufacturing field.

Properly Establishing ISO Credentials

When indicating your ISO registration status, there is a proper and improper way of doing so. For instance, simply saying one is ISO certified or has received ISO certification or is ISO certified is not right…it is best to state that you are “ISO 9001:2008 certified" or that you have an "ISO 9001:2008 certification".

Arbiser Machine Meets ISO Standards

Arbiser Machine applied for ISO certification in 2002 and obtained full certification in 2003.  Arbiser has maintained it’s certification ever since, in an effort assure potential clients of their commitment to quality and precision product manufacture.

EDM Services | CNC Services | 3D Printing Services | Laser Engraving Services

Don’t Be Fooled by Imitators

Many CNC and EDM milling companies will claim to be ISO complaint, but the reality is that such companies are not being completely honest. As we established previously, there is a big difference between compliance and certification/registration.

It pays to vet out any CNC/EDM machining company prior to placing your precision designs and specs in their hands. If you want to make sure you will receive quality deliverables, trust a ISO 9001:2008 certified company like Arbiser Machine to get the job done.

CNC Milling and Turning – The Art of Precision

Arbiser Machine experienced CNC engineers
comprehend the importance of their work.
Manufacturing is an extremely multifaceted industry, whose pulse can be felt within a wide array of fields. 

At the center of this buzzing hub are engineers who are integral to creating not only product form but function.

They are the nuts and bolts of a complex mechanism that could not exist without them and for this reason we can effectively call them industrial artists. 

Indeed, it takes a certain amount of skill and creativity to hone quality components for such a diverse, vibrant industry. Among the artisans that grace the trade are CNC engineers, the best of whom recognize that they bring a fine tuned skill to manufacture related projects.

What is a CNC Engineer?

A CNC engineer is well versed on the specifics of CNC machinery and is educated regarding the analyzing of computer numerical control programs/databases. CNC engineers are also largely responsible for testing and or repairing complex machinery so that it remains in tip top shape. For this reason, CNC engineers are one of the primary reasons why products are crafted to exacting specs. In other words, they are an essential part of the precision team that develops products to work the way they are supposed to 100 percent of the time.

A CNC's duties may not end there, in fact, senior CNC engineers often train shop newbies, cluing them on the various ins and outs of a company’s processes and particular equipment. They could be required to remain up on the latest and greatest technologies via research as well as speak with potential clients who are interested in milling and machining services.

Because we are using the latest and greatest tech tools available, we can also promise top notch quality on time, every time. This of course, leads to long lasting business relationships, the life blood of any company, large or small.~ Edward T.Designer/Engineer, Arbiser Machine

Sub Categories of CNC Engineering

Because CNC engineering is such a specialized field, it splinters into a variety of sub groups with functions that are essential to ensuing a CNC Milling shop runs efficiently.  The top tier positions within this group include, but are not limited to, CNC machinist, CNC programmer, CNC operator and the CNC setup person. These individuals largely hold degrees in mechanical engineering or CNC programming, and must possess the ability to be self motivators as well as team players.

CNC engineers can also be quality inspectors as they are best able to realize a project at the completion stage. This is where the precision craft truly establishes itself, as it is this final step that makes or breaks a products viability.

CNC Machining Post Production Values

CNC engineering polishes the final form of a design, looking it over for fatal flaws or aspects that could cause the end product to fail. It's here that a CNC machinist’s educational and skill comes into play, as it will take practiced eyes and expert hands to filter through the variables that can cause problems with a given item. Experienced CNC engineers comprehend the importance of their work and take the quality control aspect extremely seriously.

Arbiser CNC Machinists are Precision Experts

An ISO 9001:20080 certified shop, Arbiser Machine ferrets out the boldest and brightest engineers in the CNC machining fields. They are behind our consistent record or timely turnaround and client satisfaction, as these top notch machinists understand not only the technical aspects but the true artistry of machining.

If you want your project designs to be as true to form as humanly possible, contact us today. One of our knowledgeable machinists will be on hand to speak with you regarding your concept specs and can get the ball rolling in that regard.

View ISO 9001 Certification (2008) | 5 AXIS- CMM | Climate Controlled Room

At Arbiser, we see every project's potential and promise to pay attention to the details, so at the end of the day, your work is not only crafted to spec, it becomes the very epitome of precision excellence.

Don't "Fast Food" Your Prototyping and Production Manufacturing

ISO 9001:2008 is part of Arbiser Machine’s 
commitment to maintain excellence.
Supplying the Very Finest In Manufacturing Products, Goods and Services

Certification and Guaranteed Quality

When it comes to CNC Milling and EDM machining, products and deliverables have to be well made in order for the end product to function properly.

Engineers within the CNC Milling and EDM machining industries develop mechanisms for important industries such as the medial, aeronautic of military, the components always have to be top notch. Imagine for example, a medical device or rocket malfunctioning. Such circumstances could end up being deadly.

Even knowing this, there are people who choose to go the “fast food” route when they shop around to find a company to fulfill various CNC milling and EDM machining needs.

View ISO9001 Certification (2008) | 5 AXIS- CMM | Climate Controlled Room

Expediency that Lacks Safety and Common Sense

Some CNC and EDM machining shops promise a too good to be true return on money value with a turnaround that leans towards the dangerous. Imagine driving a car that is put together with the mechanized equivalent of duct tape and glue. CNC Turning, Milling and EDM machining require accuracy and precision. This often means a combination experience, expert timing and hands on skill. When one speeds up an urgent process that relies on accuracy--- inaccuracy results.

Don't “fast food” your all important projects. Trust Arbiser Machine to provide quality service that never sacrifices quality for speed. 

This is not acceptable in situations where lives could be put at risk.  With aeronautic engineering for example, one tenth of a thousandth of an inch off in a measurement may cause fissures and depredation in space faring craft that can cause significant life threatening malfunctions. The same thing can be said for military defense weaponry and gadgetry.

Now, the Good News

Companies like Arbiser Machine have honed the skill of CNC/EDM machining and milling to the point where it has become an exact science. With decades of experiences under their belt, Arbiser can deliver products at super competitive speeds while also proving quality. How? Engineers and State of the art equipment make all the difference. Fly by nights can make tons of promises, but may not have the knowhow or equipment needed to cultivate the fine details that matter when it comes to building sustainable products.

Wire EDM Services | CNC Machining Services 

If you need quality components at a competitive price while under a tight deadlines deadline, Arbiser Machine is the go to place. The turnaround is realistic yet reasonable and we are more than willing to sit down and confer with engineers, designers and purchasing agents to ensure every aspect of the product is created to spec.

For Immediate Release : Arbiser Machine innovative and impressive roster of machinist services.


Atlanta, GA May 28, 2016 – Arbiser Machine (ISO 9001:2008) is proud to formally introduce the Atlanta area, as well as the international manufacturing community, to their innovative and impressive roster of machinist services. These services, which are often utilized by top engineering specialists within defense, aeronautics, medical, fiber optics, and food service industries, will assist moderate to large sized businesses with their milling and drilling needs.

Coupled with Arbiser Machine’s 4 hour quick quote and cost cutting methods, the company can provide access to EDM/CNC technology for the fast production of tools and parts, no matter the scope and size of the project. Purchasing agents will also be able to visit on site Arbiser machinists for a guided tour of the facility and witness many of the company’s quality control mechanisms in action.

Alongside standard CNC and EDM machining options, Arbiser Machine offers 3D prototype creation and can accommodate trademark, logo, and patent engraving. With engraving, laser etching is placed right on the instrument, tool, or machine itself, thereby ensuring that important manufacturer information is never removed or lost. Because of this, equipment can be properly stored, cataloged and/or referenced. Likewise, prototype development and realization provides businessmen with an opportunity to showcase working models to interested buyers. As a result, engineers can obtain the capital they need to take their concepts from drafting board to real world application.

Arbiser Machine’s primary services however, lie in the realm of EDM/CNC machining. With top notch equipment at their disposal, Arbiser’s team of CNC machinists, programmers, operators and quality managers will be able to supply businesses with the very best in precision milling/drilling choices while meeting even the most demanding of deadlines.

The comprehensive shop has a ton of capabilities that extend well into the realms of wire and small hole EDM, CMM measuring and CNC milling. Client satisfaction is guaranteed, as Arbiser uses only the finest industrial grade materials to craft their products. Arbiser machinists are willing and capable enough to confer with purchasing agents and engineers of varying fields regarding their project specs. After a reliable quote, the Arbiser team will work with clients in any way they can to provide stellar results. The process begins once Arbiser receives the client’s files and confers with them over deadline goals. From there, precision machinists bring design concepts to life, providing a company with the instruments they need to build quality products.

Complicated order? No need to worry. Arbiser can match even the most exacting of standards and deliver a stellar end product, on time, every time.

In 2016, Bill McKlveen promises that old CNC/EDM technology will meet new in innovative ways, without sacrificing precision, speed, or attention to detail. Indeed, no one knows better than Arbiser how to expertly harness traditional and modern concepts to assist the manufacturing community in a modern world.

If you are on the market for state of the art digital printing, product laser engraving, or conventional CNC milling drilling services, contact Arbiser Machine to set up an appointment or a facility tour. Our machinists will happily assist you and answer any questions you may have about our old or new products.

Contact Arbiser Machine today and learn what they can do for you and your company.


2184 Flintstone Drive
Tucker GA 30084
Phone: 770-939-1240
Toll Free: 866-288-3373

For Immediate Release : Industry trail blazer Arbiser Machine (ISO9001:2008) unveils it's new logo design and website.


Arbiser Machine Website and Logo Receive Contemporary Facelift

Atlanta, GA June 02, 2016 – Industry trail blazer Arbiser Machine (ISO9001:2008) unveils it's new logo design and website, thoroughly revitalizing their industry brand while showcasing stellar manufacturing related services.

Based in Tucker GA, Arbiser Machine has been around for decades, and has proudly supplied engineers in the aeronautics, defense, food and beverage, telecommunication, green energy and medical manufacturing field with the finest in CNC and EDM milling services. Ever on the cutting edge of technology, Arbiser seeks to revamp the brand while still providing the same options it always has.
“The sleek new look of the Arbiser Machine logo embodies everything that Arbiser stands for, namely precision, excellence and expert craftsmanship.” Owner and CEO Bill McKlveen explains,” The unveiling will hopefully give those curious about our brand some insight into where Arbiser Machine is headed, as the manufacturing field continues to expand and evolve.”

When asked about merging old and new disciplines, McKlveen respond, “Arbiser Machine maintains the same time honored traditions of incorporating the latest milling techniques with old fashioned hands on expertise. Our experienced machinists take great care in creating quality components and can meet even the most exacting standards. We do this using the latest and greatest CNC and EDM milling devices to date; ensuring deliverables are produced on time, every time.

“We needed a strong bold logo that represented the long standing spirit of Arbiser Machine and its forward facing philosophy. The new logo integrates this concept, while alluding to the traditional values that set Arbiser Machine apart from the pack.”

Alongside the new logo announcement is the anticipated website reveal, which will hallmark a modern look to coincide with the contemporary Arbiser emblem. The website will still be customer friendly and easy to navigate, offering the same consumer favorites, like the 4 hour fast quote, with exciting features that will aid potential clients in understanding what Arbiser Machine can do for them.

“Arbiser has always been at the forefront of CNC and EDM milling, something our current customer base has known for some time. With this website launch, we’ll be able to broaden out scope as well as our reach. As companies evolve and grow, they have to fine tune their service. Hopefully, the new website can empower potential buyers in their search, as they can learn what we do, why we do it and who we do it for.”

McKlveen promises that these advancements won't overshadow the company’s time honored methods and in house quality controls. Customers will still receive the same hands on service that allows Arbiser to produce superior manufacturing components quickly and efficiently. At Arbiser Machine, a client will never have to sacrifice quality for speed, as we can combine both with amazing results; we pride ourselves in this achievement. Satisfied Arbiser customers consistently remark that the 4 hour fast quote, coupled with swift turnaround, is what makes the company their go to place for manufactured components.

The website also enables a greater global outreach that will assist company growth and allow Arbiser machine to expand their horizons. This thrilling development shall assist the master machinists within their fold, as Arbiser Machine continues to advance towards an ever changing, challenging future.

2184 Flintstone Drive
Tucker GA 30084
Phone: 770-939-1240
Toll Free: 866-288-3373

EDM Machining and Manufacturing The Importance of Quality Control

ISO 9001:2008 certification provides
the best in EDM craftsmanship and quality controls.
Contemporary CNC and EDM engineers continue time honored traditions by marrying old fashioned milling techniques with ground breaking technology.

But what truly separates a quality EDM machining shop from a simply serviceable one?
Numerous factors, which we will explore below. While this is not an exhaustive list, it will hit upon the most important attributes one need look for when seeking quality EDM machining and milling manufacturing houses.

Wire EDM Services | CNC Machining Services

Customer Appreciation

While this would appear to be a no brainer, one would be surprised how often businesses fail on this principle alone, especially in the manufacturing business. Clients who have been failed by other companies often come to Arbiser Machine after their needs were not met. The most frequent complaint is the blatant disregard for deadlines.  Many corporations have had to halt imperative productions due to a CNC/EDM shop refusal to adhere to agree upon schedules. This is often done with little advanced notice, explanation or apology.  How can any business feel appreciated and heard when they are treated this way? An EDM milling and machining shop like Arbiser Machine on the other hand, has a long standing reputation for delivering top quality products swiftly, without sacrificing their legendary excellence.

Expertise and Skill

Historical knowledge is the key to EDM machining success, as to understand where you're heading; you have to know where you have been. A reputable shop with educated and highly trained engineers on hand comprehend the complex ins and out of CNC milling, tuning and machining. They will also be able to explain the process to interested parties, in layman's terms if need be, so everyone remains on the same page throughout the development and production stages.

State of the Art Technology

While understanding the history of machining is important, one has to be up on the latest technology and equipment in the CNC and EDM milling industry. This knowledge translates to both the speed and quality that makes shops like Arbiser Machine stand apart from the pack. Technology also affects the Quality Controls set in place at any EDM shop, so of course, it pays to know what the latest and greatest methods are currently available. Current technologies also streamline the process while maintaining accuracy, so you can get high caliber work at a fraction of previous production times.

Precision and Attention to Detail

At Arbiser Machine, we successfully combine CNC Lathes/CNC Mills AND EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and have incorporated the latest and greatest in 3D CAD/CAM software, 5 Axis Coordinate measuring, Instant Inspection capabilities, 3D printing, as well as laser engraving,. On top of these advancements and achievements we also provide product engineering, manual machining and grinding for prototyping. Add in ISO 9001:2008 certification, and you will know that we are skilled at providing the best in EDM craftsmanship and quality controls.

View ISO9001 Certification (2008) | 5 AXIS- CMM | Climate Controlled Room

Arbiser Machine Has It All

When you are ready to take your design concepts to the next level, Arbiser Machine has the longevity and expertise necessary to ensure your product is crafted with exacting skill and careful attention to fine details. If you are on the market for EDM machining services, contact Arbiser Machine to learn more about their comprehensive milling options and programs.