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Active Baby Boomers Drive Medical Manufacturing…Find The Right Precision Oriented Prototype Manufacturer

Aging baby boomers don't fit the stereotype of the doddering 50 going on 60 somethings retiring to a life of knitting sweaters and lake fishing. These folks are active, with a lust for life that would rival any 20 something. They are bungee jumping, bicycling, sky diving, night clubbing and simply getting the most out of their retirements should they had the good fortune to leave the working world behind.

Because of this, there is a desire for Boomers to not only live fully, but be more healthy while doing it. As these seniors have the cash to back up their demands, many in the precision prototype manufacturing and machining fields are listening.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) Heed The Call

Part of living healthy is making sure you receive adequate medical care and assistance as you get older. OEM's (original equipment manufacturers) are bringing new innovative product into the fold, creating working models that allow them to bring usable products to the market place faster than ever before. These products often include, but are not limited to, medical supplies, cutting edge equipment and devices, surgical tools, implants, spinal and related trauma implants and prosthesis. Because medical related products and components have to be created to exacting specifications, OEMS often work in conjunction with reliable machinist engineers to bring highly effective tools into he medical marketplace for Baby Boomer use.

EDM and CNC Machining

When precision has to be the name of the game, many medical parts and device engineers turn to machining shops to craft their one of a kind models. These highly trained trade engineers understand what's at stake and have the skill and expertise needed to craft quality product using the latest in machining appliance and techniques.

Among the most tried and true is the use of EDM and CNC machining to craft precision instruments and parts:

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) also called spark machining, EDM's are able to craft even the smallest components to such exacting precision that the devise is mathematically sound and proportional. The qualified engineers trained in  handling the complex machinery that creates numerous types of instruments and devices, truly comprehend the importance of their task and take nothing for  granted during the creation of the requested prototype. The process begins after a workpiece is introduced into the machine for erosion and shaping. Material is slowly but surely removed via a series of electrode inspired discharges, with the tool-electrode aiding  the shaping and the workpiece-electrode training the object for stability. The surface is then carefully sculpted and manipulated to obtain the desired shape.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control)– Like EDM's, CNC machines are reliable, time tested machining instruments. As a tool, CNC's often assist in crafting high quality parts for a large variety industries. The wonderful hing about CNC's however, is that they don't have to be constantly stood over and manned. Once a skilled machinist gets the ball rolling, the CNC will work on its own to fabricate parts with expert efficiency. Just as with EDM machines, there are a large variety of CNC machines that provide pretty much the same functionality, but in different ways. Although some CNC machines can be sold as hobby instruments, the large bulk of them are used  in the manufacturing field for the creation of quality parts.

Industrial CNC

Most CNC industry grade cutters are millers, lathes or grinders. The type of machines used will depend on the project. Reputable shops generally have more than one EDM or CNC machine in house. Medical suppliers and engineers shopping for a renowned company to bring their designs to life, should tour a local ISO 9001:2008 certified machinist to see what options exist for their next, big project.

Meeting complex boomer needs in a changing economy

As the current economy continues on an upswing, many machinists and related shops have begun to hire on new blood and purchase the latest and greatest in quality EDM and CNC machines. In turn, the medical establishment has been turning to machinist engineers to help them create the latest and greatest products that will accommodate the lives of our senior aged citizens.

As the needs of this large, aging demographic continues to grow, many machinists  are finding  s way to  reduce costs so they can offer medical suppliers and engineers a variety of effective options that will keep clients happy while allowing the shop to turn a profit. Indeed, it is a harmonious relationship that is beneficial to involved  parties and allows  room for innovation and  creativity in the medical fields. To that end,  medical engineers and machinists will continue to work in conjunction with one another to craft a brighter future not only for baby boomers, but for the rest of us, who will one day be vibrant seniors looking for way to remain youthful, energetic and vibrant.

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