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Don’t wear yourself out! Let us do the design and build of your next jig and fixture.

We have all the equipment and engineering know-how  to get the tooling and fixturing done right and done quickly.

Jigs and fixtures are best designed by understanding how one would hold a job in the absence of a jig or fixture.

First we have to consider the location in three axis, clamping in those axes if required, or clampings by clever restraint.  The tool may need to be guided if it is a jig. The various job specifics, deformations of the product, production vibrations or chatter are all challenges that need to be addressed. Speed of loading and unloading become paramount as well and have to be considered in the design.

We combine CNC Machining, EDM (electrical Discharge Machining), Waterjet, 3D Printing, Conventional machining, Grinding and Engineering design, all under one roof.

That means we don’t waste time coordinating, shipping and encountering ‘mishaps’ between suppliers. We put all those tools like EDM and Waterjet together and address the jig and fixture concerns mentioned to save you time, money and hassle. 

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