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Prototyping Operations: Spinal Surgery Tools and Implants for Aging Baby Boomer Needs

In the ever evolving world of medical technology, tools and products have remained key in providing patients with quality care and speedy recoveries. To that end, the medical manufacturing industry has worked closely with machinists and engineers to create instruments that enable doctors to uphold the Hippocratic oath of, “First, do no harm”. In the realm of spinal surgery however, this has been a treacherous road to travel. Inherently dangerous, patients as well as doctors risk permanent scars or paralysis with old methods of solving back and vertebral column related ailments .

That is why the cultivation of a tool called NuVasive is so extraordinary. The engineering marvel, created by Jeffrey Castleberry, enables physicians to reduce patient down time with a minimally invasive tool that often allows patients to walk around one day after complicated back surgery. How is this done? Jeffrey Castleberry explains, “In the old days, to make repairs to your backbone, surgeons had to slice you open, peel back the muscle to expose the spine...NuVasive’s tools are designed to allow maximum surgical access while minimizing the soft tissue disruption that often occurs during open spinal surgery.”

So, what is NuVasive? NuVasive is a medical product line that has transformed the spinal surgery industry by crafting tools and equipment that limit trauma to the back and spine during painstaking operations. The complex machinery and parts were carefully designed by Castleberry, who is a self professed machinist by trade. As a qualified and certified machinist, Castleberry more than likely utilizes CNC and EDM style equipment for milling and cutting of his precisions tools. This would explain his unparallelled success in the spinal surgery arena, as this type of equipment can often assist in crafting quality components that will work as needed every time they are utilized,

CNC and EDM machining has been on the forefront of medical technology since manufacturing’s inception, coexisting side by side in a combined effort to provide human beings with quality, dignified care. If Jeffrey Castleberry trusts the machining process to create ground breaking medical instruments, any company looking for expert craftsmanship for their prototypes and designs would need look no further than a professional machining shop to meet their part manufacturing needs.

When seeking such assistance, always make sure the shop is ISO 9001:2008 certified. This is important in that is indicates the company has meet stringent international manufacturing standards and is more than capable of fulfilling your companies needs. Indeed, the field of technology is ever growing and will continue to grow—machining manufacturing will continue to grow along with it.

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